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Siciliy became the first roman province in 241 BCE.


Roman roads:

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Lilybaeum - Siracusa (Marsala - Siracusa)


Thermae Himeraeae - Catina (Termini Imerese - Catania)


Messana - Lilybaeum (Messina - Marsala)


Messana - Siracusa (Messina - Siracusa)


Agrigentum - Panormus (Agrigento - Palermo)



Rivers mentioned in RC V 23:

Per quam Siciliam transeunt plurima flumina, id est

Cassum, Catimon, Sotitas, Anaposalios, Onganum, Giprum, Lilie, Stina, Litessa, Asignus, Ascada, Ennulus, Lirias, Selbiscos, Arethusa, Alchiona, Maus, Solia, Assosina, Imera, Sisma.



Capital: Syracusae

Lilybaeum, Catina, Messana, Agrigentum, Panormus, Himera.






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